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Pilot Vanishing Point (Capless) Fountain Pen
"Black Carbonesque"**

Launch Year:  2000  
Month:  October
Function:  Push Button
Body:  Rhodium & Lacquer 

 Length (with nib retracted):  5 9/16"


VP00OctRet.jpg (35460 bytes)

VP00OctRet_Exp.jpg (35616 bytes)  VP00OctRet_Nib.jpg (35114 bytes)

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* The owner's manual that came with this pen uses "Capless" as a model name, but the Namiki Web site uses "Vanishing Point."

**The "Black Carbonesque" was originally introduced as "Carbonesque."

Click below for Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point/Capless fountain pen ink filling instructions.  
Ink Cartridge
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